NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


VR Training Simulator Software

VR Training Simulator Software

The technology of Virtual Reality has grounded it's flag all around the globe. Every field of life has now an aspect related to virtual reality. Whether it is related to training, shopping, gaming, traveling, or any other thing VR provides you itself for an unforgettable experience. Similarly, VR Training Simulator Software is now in the market for your facilitation.

VR Training Simulation

Training without virtual reality is quite risky, expensive, and can be fatal in some cases. When this technology was not much used for training workers used to endanger their lives for their duties. A survey shows that in the last three consecutive years the ratio of deaths of workers in the US was constantly increasing during training. This unacceptable thing was forced to stop by VR.

Every year, almost all major companies pay a heavy amount for the repair of their equipment and the training places that are disturbed by the trainees. This thing is quite natural as a person learns by mistakes. VR also entertains you in this case

Companies like Microsoft are also using VR for training their workers.

VR simulation

Medical Training Simulation

Medicine is a quite practical field. Either you are a surgeon or a physician, you have to go through hard training to become successful. These practice sessions are well expensive and risky without VR. Consider a situation where a patient's life is in a do or die situation and a surgeon says that he wants to practice his work. Sounds silly right!? This kind of session is much risky and the disposable equipment that can be used just once are also quite expensive.

To help in both cases, VR training Simulator Software's are here to serve the purpose. You can now get training in the virtual world in a risky situation where you can learn more, experience more, save more, and practice more.

Army Training Simulation

The army is considered as the most dynamic field in any country. All the protection, attacks, strategies are under the observation of the army. It is accepted worldwide that in all countries the hardest training is given to army-men. Although, it should also be considered that direct push of a newbie into the hardest training can show dangerous results. This is why many countries are now considering VR training before the real training to give trainees an idea about the hardships.

This admitting of virtual reality in army training is beneficial as it can train more efficiently. When a person is prepared mentally for a situation he can perform there well.

Industrial Training Simulation

Industrial workers are also trained using VR Training Simulator Software's. Hard tasks like operating heavy machinery, repairing gas pipelines, the connection of electric wires, etc requires special attention and command that is gained through training. These pieces of training are not given directly due to the high risk of lives and health. To give a complete solution virtual reality shows its presence.

Our Contribution

Lavrock admits the importance of training in all fields of life. We are in the corner of training using technology as we care about your lives and dollars both. If we use VR training simulator software in all training fields we will get guaranteed positive results. To make you comfortable, we invite you to take your first step with us and involve such positive technologies in your daily life to get more efficiency along with comfort.

Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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