NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


VR Medical Training

VR Medical Training

Doctors have always played a key role in society. They are always considered the savior of mankind and humanity. They have always rescued people in severe cases as well as routine injuries and diseases. Every doctor becomes successful after hard training and experiments. VR Medical Training is now the modern way of training doctors to serve their best to society. A society without successful doctors is like to breathe without air.

Importance of Training in Medical

The medical field is known as the most practicing field in the world. If we minus the factor of training from medical, it would be like to minus the trees from forests.

Any person related to the medical field has to practice before implementing it on patients whether he is a surgeon, physician, or dentist. Like every field, medical demands more practice than that of just theoretical study.

Through training, doctors learn more especially in surgery, manufacture of medicines, and use of medicines.

Why VR Medical Training?

VR medical training is more effective than simple training. During this type of training, there is lesser risk, lesser expense, more to learn and, more to practice the situation.

The virtual reality room allows the surgeons and physicians to visualize their specimen in more detail and a 360-degree view of the specimen under study.

According to research, trainees learn 60% more efficiently through VR training as compared to simple training.

VR Training for Surgery

Surgery is the most critical period for both surgeons and patients. A slight mistake of the surgeon can endanger the life of the patient and can risk the career of the surgeon. This is why it is a must for every surgeon to get trained before applying his skills.

For securing both the lives and careers, this technology serves the surgeon. A surgeon wears a VR headset for training and gets in a VR room where he faces himself in a Do or Die situation where he visualizes the same situation as in operation theater.

A surgeon is free to do whatever he decides and if he satisfies the situation he is promoted. This is how this superb technology is serving

VR Training for Physicians and Manufacturers

Medicine is the most important and basic thing in the medical field. During the manufacturing of medicine, a fixed composition of different compounds is used for every different medicine. These productions are also practiced by manufacturers through AR Medical Training.

By wearing a VR headset, the worker goes to a factory where he is informed by the program to add fix composition of suitable compounds and then he is given a task to compose a medicine.

Similarly, physicians have to take care of which medicine should be given at which time. By using a VR headset, the doctor visualizes a patient-facing some diseases and he has to recommend him medicines. In this way, VR Medical Training is serving.


This marvelous technology shows the specimen understudy in a 3D view which allows medical trainees to understand properly and get beneficial training. By using this, one can also perform cutting during surgery, study X-rays, and can also replace body organs.

During the study, doctors can grab and also reposition the object to get a proper view. Moreover, if you learn in a stressful environment it will help you a lot.

Our Contribution

Lavrock has always respected doctors from the core of heart. We have always been willing to provide the most modern and useful technology to the people related to the medical field.

Our team is now working hard to develop such medical training using VR in almost every hospital and medical training institutes.

Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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