NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


VR Equipment Training Development

VR Equipment Training Development

Training is the base of every work. Any field in which you want to get expert demands training. The hardness of training depends upon your goals. Virtual reality has now given your dreams a smooth direction which leads to a safe and more beneficial life. VR Equipment Training Development now offers you to get trained more effectively and safely.

What is Equipment Training?

Ever construction, medical, engineering,or any practical field have some equipment that is used to do required work. The purpose of this equipment is to do proper work with no manual faults, in lesser time, and more safely. Equipment Training means training to handle such equipment accurately in a professional way.


Why VR in Equipment Training?

As the world has now practiced and experienced the uses of virtual reality in most of the fields, so they are admitting the benefits of VR in equipment training. Using VR in equipment training has its own advantages.

First of all, the major problem in traditional equipment training was the safety of trainees and the lives of workers. Many trainees used to get injured or even badly injured in extreme cases.

Such crucial training like gas pipes, electric works have no space for any kind of mistake even for newbies during training that threats the lives of trainees. Virtual Reality has now made the task easier and all workers can go through safe training by moving to the virtual world.

The second major threat is about damaging equipment and the place where training is being given. It is not shocking if a new person getting training damages the equipment or the place where he is getting trained.

Most of the heavy construction industries face a big loss every year in repairing equipment damaged by trainees.

This issue is also resolved by virtual reality as you can train your workers in a virtual world with virtual equipment, even if they get damaged you don't have to pay anything for their repair.

In short, VR Equipment Training gives you a considerable relief whether you are a trainer or included in trainees.

How does it Work?

The mechanism of Virtual Reality in equipment training is easier, smoother, and efficient. As soon as you wear VR headsets programmed by company according to requirements, it takes you to a virtual world where you are free to get trained by your trainer. That trainer could be a software or a real trainer who joins you in the virtual world.

Depending upon the type of job, and type of the company you can face different situations while training. You can face a damaged gas pipeline or electric wires that you have to resolve using equipment and mind.

Similarly, you can be on the driving seat of heavy machinery such that used in the construction of houses or carpeting a road.

Our Contribution

Lavrock always cares about the security of workers and trainers. We also condemn the heavy expenditures of companies yearly on repairing heavy equipment.

We refer you to consider Virtual Reality in giving training to your workers that is beneficial for both trainees and coaches. Our team is working hard in the VR equipment training development field.

We are promising you to develop such apps and software that would help you to save money and lives both. We have always played a leading role in the technology field and will continue this hard work



Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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