NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual Reality (VR) has made its thick market value in the last few decades. Virtual reality tours  is one of its major applications that is being used in a few parts of the tourism industry.

It will be used abundantly in near future. Lavrock is presenting you this blog for quenching your thirst related to VR Tour Development.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, therefore, is the world of imagination which can either be entirely different than a real-world or may be used to experience some reality that is across your regular living boundaries.

Virtual reality is a computer technology consisted of hardware and software providing its users an experience of the virtual world.

Significance of VR in Tours Development

One of the most asked questions, Do Virtual reality tours development worth it? Lavrock is giving you this answer "YES" let us justify our statement. A Virtual reality tours is basically like a trial based tour of a place you want to visit.

Let's suppose, you are thinking of visiting an entirely new place no one ever visited in your nearby people. Virtual Reality tours will serve you in such a situation as you wear that VR programmed headset and it will take you to your desired destination virtually.

Moreover, every pixel of VR Tours development is programmed to give you the most satisfying and realistic experience using VR technology.


Marketing Point of VR Tours

Virtual Reality Tours has provided a vast window in the marketing of hotels, restaurants, and other visiting areas. If a person wants a family tour to New York, he will look for a good hotel to stay, he will mention the window view and other major facilities of the hotel.

VR technology is providing hotel owners a facility to satisfy its customers using VR which is more than that of simple 2D pictures and videos. It will provide a 360-degree view of your required hotel and also helps the customer to select according to their standards.

Home Based Tours

Virtual Reality Tours Development is offering people to have an entirely complete home-based virtual tours. As soon as you wear VR programmed device over your eyes, you can go wherever you want, whether it is any other planet like Mars, any other continent like Antarctica, any other state, or any other city wherever you wanted to go in the past and haven't visited due to lack of time or budget issues.

Virtual Reality has made your dreams come true in a reasonable budget much less than Real Tour.

Home-based tours have a resemblance to Reality-based tours as well as they differ too. Mentioning resemblance, you get the same visuals of Reality, the same scene, and everything the same related to visuals only.

On the other hand, you can not feel the conditions there, and you can not touch or sense things.

It is highly accepted soon that we may get any dress programmed for VR to sense the situations there, Gloves to feel the touch of desired things or, or pills to smell how it feels.

Contribution of Lavrock towards VR

We have always shown up a dynamic and no compromising side over making this world rich of useful technologies like Virtual Reality and make its use simple and abundant for fruitful purposes.

Still, we are working hard to make use of Virtual Reality Tours vast and efficient.


Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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