NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


Virtual Reality Safety Training

Virtual Reality Safety Training

In the developing world of science and technology, Virtual Reality safety training has benefited the world greatly. This technology has proven itself a life-saving technology for most of the people.

This technology has truly verified the saying “Safety First ". Lavrock is presenting you with this blog to make you consider the role of technology for the betterment of humanity.

How This Technology is Serving Humanity?

Humanity has always looked forward towards positive technology use i.e to serve humanity. This spectacular modern technology has saved the life of people working in various fields as electrical work, to tackle hazardous situations, army training, construction works, and fire-related works, etc.

The most precious thing for anyone is its life, which people used to threaten for their duties. For convenience, many firefighters laid down their lives during their duties.

According to research, In three consecutive years, 2015, 2016 & 2017 the number of people losing their lives during duties was increasing enormously that was unbearable.

Many workers who used to leave their homes for work, couldn't reach safely back to their homes. Virtual Reality Safety Training has saved many lives for this world.


How it does it work in the Field?

Virtual Reality has made the business smooth for training. Suppose a person is being trained for electricity work, he is convinced to wear a Virtual Reality headset which takes him to the world of imagination where he visualizes himself in a 360-degree view of the workplace.

He is continuously been instructed by the program of Virtual Reality headset. He follows the instructions and does all the work virtually, in case if he does something wrong instead of getting any damage, he is warned by the system and the system he wears vibrates. Which alarms him?

All mentioned above setup is the same for construction workers that save him from a height fall, for a fire fighter that saves him from burning, etc. In this manner, Virtual Reality Safety Training saves a worker in various fields.

According to modern research, students/trainees learn 30% more efficiently through Virtual Reality technology as compared to a piece of paper.

Helpful to Address Hazardous Situations

Everyone has to face both good and bad phases in life. Sometimes, bad situations become hazardous situations like floods, earthquakes, short circuits, fire in houses, and more.

Virtual Reality Safety Training has given a sense of security or we should say self-security, to the world. Using this significant technology, you can get prepared for different dangerous turns of life.

Using a Virtual Reality Headset, a person watches himself in a critical "Do or Die" situation. He is trained properly here for saving his life and allow others to save their life, it also includes the first aid learning process.

What Lavrock is Doing to Serve You?

As no one can deny the importance of virtual reality and its applications including safety training, we are working with great stress to make this technology in reach of every user whether he is in the field or is willing for self-protection.

Our highly impassioned team is taking serious steps under the guidance to take part in serving humanity using VR. In past, we have made our contribution to serve the world technically especially using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality technology.

Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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