NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


Virtual Reality in Training

Virtual Reality in Training

The future of training is now, or we should say Virtual Reality in Training is the future of all pieces of training. It covers almost every field of training whether it is military training, engineering training, medical training, construction training, electrical work training, education training, fire training, or even personal training. Virtual Reality is now serving the purpose accurately.

Drawbacks of Traditional Training

A few years back in 2015, 2016 & 2017 in USA workers were losing their lives in training and during work too. To stop this, the USA govt seriously considered VR technology for training purposes. Following are some serious drawbacks of traditional training :

  • Traditional training is most risky for the lives of trainees.
  • During training, there is a high chance of getting equipment damaged.
  • Traditional training is expensive.
  • There is no cushion for trainees to take any extra or unnecessary steps. This leads to a lack of concepts
  • There is no chance for any kind of mistake.

Benefits of VR Training

Virtual reality in training has benefits in both professional fields and personal training

  • Training from VR gives you room to learn from your mistake it means you have the opportunity to learn correctly by doing wrong.
  • This type of training is not expensive at all
  • There is a lesser risk in VR training of life
  • There is no real equipment used inside the virtual world so there is a zero-percent chance of equipment damage
  • You get more grip on the subject and your mind can focus.

Importance of Training with VR

As a human being, our mind understands 3D rapidly than a simple 2D picture or video. Our minds can understand it more clearly and timely. During Vr training, you have space to make choices and make mistakes which leads to strong concepts. We can create even life, death situations for the trainees which we cannot perform in reality.

Nowadays, Microsoft has signed a contract with the US government to invest an amount of 240 Billion Dollars for the training of the army through VR. You need to consider this technology on a greater scale.

Personal Pieces of Training with VR

Personal type of training is also useful with Virtual Reality in training. You can get yourself trained for self-defense all you have to do is wear a headset and your trainer will be in front of you and start coaching you.

You can use VR for sports training, for example, if you are running alone you can get a partner to motivate you to achieve your goal. Moreover, you can get a personal gym trainer for you by using Virtual Reality.

In Fields with VR

Virtual Reality has got its market value set in the field during these past few years. Workers working for different factories such as explosive chemicals are now being trained with this technology. Emergencies are programmed for them to tackle. Similarly, firefighters are being trained with this technology to face do and die situations at lesser risk. Construction site workers are also trained by using VR training.

Our Contribution

Lavrock always cares about the life of people and understand how costly it is. This is why we always prefer VR training over traditional training. Our experts are burning the midnight oil to enrich society with this technology. We have always played a significant role in the field of modern technology.




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