NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Education is the key to success for everyone and every society. This key is gold-plated by Virtual Classroom. Nowadays, as the world is measuring ways of modernism, this software is helping a lot in getting an education more dynamic.

It provides facilities in many ways. Lavrock presents you with this blog to consider the significance of classrooms using this technology.

Widening of Range

While we are studying in a classroom, we study many such things which cannot be practiced and shown at that time. Let's suppose you are studying the surface of Mars in an ordinary classroom.

The concepts are not clarified until you get some visuals of the surface, environment, the intensity of light, and all other factors.

If a person sitting in New York City, wants to know about the facts of Antarctica, he can easily do it by using this amazing technology.

A person doesn't need to move physically somewhere after the usage of this technology as you can have a great experience of a virtual visit.

Beneficial in Hard Times

Virtual Classroom have not just entertained our classrooms but also have helped many students in hard times.

Using this technology, you can create your classroom anywhere anytime without any worries of time.

Let's suppose if a student meets an accident and get advised by the doctor of complete bed-rest, he can manage his classes using this beneficial technology.

Good and bad fortunes are obvious with life, according to a documentary, in 2015, a person was badly injured in his last year of graduation.

He completed all his research work, and experimental work with help of such classrooms and was ranked 2nd in his batch.

Recently, the whole world faced the pandemic of COVID-19. The only education system left was because of these virtual classroom.

When people raised the voice of " work from home ", all educational system also shifted to this technology to make the engine smooth for both institutes and students.

virtual reality classroom

Money Saver

This technology not just satisfies the students in the study but also saves you the money whether you own an institute, a part of the institute, or study under that institute.

For example, as an owner of the institute, you have to spend over papers, stationery, furniture, repairing of classes at least every year, pays of staff, and all other expenses.

Virtual Classroom can save you money as all you need is a program designed for your work.

If you are a student in any institute, this type of classroom can help you save money from solid books, stationery, and all other expense. You can just connect with your class using this technology.

Training Purpose

Another considerable benefit of this technology is that you can use it for training purposes. For example, a newly hired teacher can be tested by giving him hold of a virtual type of classroom.

Here you can check the teaching skills and knowledge of teachers according to your demand.

Moreover, you can utilize weekly or monthly training sessions for the betterment of staff and keep them in touch with modern inventions.

Students can also be benefited to teach them the etiquette of the classroom.

Our Contribution

Lavrock is playing an engaging role for students who are willing to continue their study but they are feeling depressed because of financial situation, we are helping such students to continue their studies with hard work to serve the world.

Also, we care for the institute owners and we want them to be in touch with modern technologies like these that can save them money along with advancement in the field of education.

Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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