NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


Augmented Reality globe will make your kids love studying

Orboot is an augmented reality globe that allows children to travel all over the world while staying at home. This 10-inch globe works with tablet or smartphone. You just point your device at any part of the world and learn interesting facts in 8 categories: culture, inventions, monuments, natural wonders, geography, weather, and cuisine.

Stories about different parts of the world include not just interesting facts, but 3D models, music, and voice-overs. Children get full interactive experience. They can feed an elephant in Africa and explore Yellowstone in one evening. Augmented reality in education makes studying much more interesting process. Orboot is a perfect preschool prep. It can be used by several users at once so children can work individually and in groups. Smart globe stimulates children’s cognitive and creative development without boring them. Unlike ebooks or computer games, children can choose themes they’re into. The globe will help kids improve their active vocabulary and encourage their thirst for independent learning. It will keep them involved and interested in form of puzzles and adventures.
Orboot is made by Play Shifu Technologies, a Wyoming start-up founded in 2016.

Visit their website to find more information.

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