NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


Augmented Reality App for Education

Augmented Reality App for Education

Education is a major thing that takes a person to the platinum doors of success and glory. Augmented Reality app for education have now improved the standards of the educational system. It was a time when students used to get exhausted because of traditional educational culture.

It was a time when teachers used to feel a burden in teaching students. At that time, when students were being spoon-fed this technology changed the roots of the entire educational system.

Benefits of AR in Education

These super technologies have been proven effective in all fields of life whether it is medical, engineering, construction, training, or education.

Major companies and even individuals are using this technology to measure roads of success along with modernism. There are many plus points about why you should consider AR in education these include :

  • Augmented Reality makes knowledge transfer easier.
  • We can now transfer concepts to the students more smoothly.
  • You can spread knowledge universally.
  • It is noted that students show more interest in education with augmented reality.
  • It is a mindset as a human being that we learn more through 3D visuals than that of 2D black and white book prints.


AR app for classroomDrawbacks of Traditional Educational Culture

The traditional educational system has set his many drawbacks that gave AR a chance to renew the whole system. Some of these drawbacks are mentioned below.

  • The spoon-feeding culture has limited the minds of students.
  • Students feel hard to get conceptual study through traditional learning.
  • The teacher could not convey his message properly.
  • Lack of concepts
  • No interest shown in studies by students.

As a Student

Augmented reality has given a new definition to our educational system. According to research, most of the time students first show interest in the class but after half an hour they start feeling the burden. Priorly, this burden is taken off by Augmented Reality apps for education.

Suppose you are studying about NASA's project Mars 2020. Lecturers would tell you about their research made at the surface of Mars, the percentage of water found at its surface, the movement of the robot on its surface and ,all other facts.

It is a major chance that most of the students will get only a little idea of they teach you in traditional ways i.e through speeches and using a chalkboard. On the other side, if you see clear visuals in front of your eyes of the surface of Mars each and every student would get all concepts by wearing AR headsets.

As a Coach

Similarly, if you are a teacher in an institute the first thing you want from your students is attention. If you see that your students are listening up with interest, you will try to deliver them more but lack of attention leads to the disappointment of the teacher.

Suppose you are delivering a lecture in a class of geography. You have a task to teach your students about the layers of Earth. Your lecture would be more beneficial and effective if you use the augmented reality app.

Your students will take out their cellular devices and scan that 3D picture of layers of earth to get a full and 360-degree view of the subject.

Our Contribution

By observing the interest of students of all ages and classes, Lavrock is working hard to develop a fabulous augmented reality app for education. Moreover, the concentration of teachers and institutes is also appealing to us to do some more favor towards them.

Our expert app developers are almost in the last stages to provide you a quality app that you, your institute, and students deserve.

Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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