NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.

New technologies

Augmented and Virtual Reality Headsets

Augmented and Virtual Reality Headsets

Technology has always shocked the world with its innovation. The world has seen many modern technologies but the invention of the Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets have changed the definition of reality and the concept of the imaginary world. Now, we can combine the imaginations to create reality.

Why use headsets?

To use virtual reality and augmented reality, headsets are the basic requirements. The experience of AR and VR is blur without these headsets. It is like to see something far away on a foggy night.

There is a need for a medium in everything to make it accessible. For example, we need air to transmit voice, we need water to create water waves. Similarly, we need such headsets to experience these technologies in a way they deserve to be experienced.

The importance of headsets can be estimated from this that major technology companies like Apple and Samsung have recently launched their Headsets. Moreover, they are working more and more on every day to improve their devices.

Where to use Headsets?

AR and Vr technology is now applicable in almost every field of life, whether it is medical, engineering, architecture, training, army, or communication. To use these technologies headsets are the basic equipment.

If you are from the medical field, you need headsets for training purposes and to learn more. If you are an architect, you need these for proper measurements and ideas of creation.

If you want to study deeper, these headsets will help you out. If you want to go to a grocery shop even, you can wear these headsets for proper details about the product.

History of VR and AR Headset

The first device that was used to visualize a picture in 3D was Stereoscope, invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone. In this device, twin images of different angles were used to see a 3D picture.

It was massy equipment usually made of wood. As time passed by, this equipment changed itself to modern augmented and virtual reality headsets.  

Working of VR Headset

Starting with VR headsets, there are two fish-eye lenses fitted in a VR headset side by side. Every fish eye lens is at 180-degrees. There are three major steps in VR headsets.

  • Creation
  • Transmission
  • Watching

Each eye of this headset has its screen which has an LED Display panel. It should have at least a 150-degree field of view. It should have a resolution of 3840x3840.

It should have a refresh rate of at least 100Hz. First of all, a program is created inside a VR headset and the VR room. After that, the transmission of pixels is done and at last, we can watch the final product.


Working of AR Headset

Augmented Reality is almost opposite to virtual reality, by wearing a VR headset a person experiences a new world but in augmented reality, the digital world comes to the real world.

AR headset first judges the distance from the headset or device. After this, it judges the planes and 3D objects in the real world. The algorithm is already fed inside AR headsets which it overlays over the real world.

Our Contribution

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