NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


AR Marketing App Development

AR Marketing App Development

The 21st century is known as the century of emerging technologies which also includes AR marketing app development. Many boundaries have been faded between the world of science fiction and science reality in this century. One of the most marvelous technology is Augmented Reality. This technology has helped a lot in various fields including Business, Marketing, Education, Gaming, and healthcare, etc. Keeping in sight the increasing trend of using AR technology in people, Lavrock is presenting you with this blog.

AR Marketing

Augmented Reality is a digital overspread in the real world. Augmented Reality Marketing App Development has brought a change in the field of business and marketing. Most of the brands and marketing agencies have switched marketing to AR Marketing.

AR marketing was an advanced form of online marketing before, but now, it has overcome all the marketing mediums whether it is online systems, brand cards, brochures, and posters, etc. One now uses this technology to give their customers a satisfying experience.


Try Before Apply

AR marketing apps are mostly being used for the Try before Apply rule. A customer is always curious if he buys a thing will it be good for him or not? Will it fulfill his requirements? All of these questions are solved using this technology in the marketing field.

Think of buying a couch for your lounge, before you buy it companies are now offering in their apps to scan that area where you want to place that couch and select your favorite piece, you will get a 3D view of that couch on your desired place. To observe that in more detail move your mobile phone camera further close and get a detailed view.

Examples of Brands using AR Marketing:

Just for the sake of convincing, here are two examples to prove the efficiency of AR Marketing App Development. Following two multinational companies are using this technology for marketing

  1. IKEA
  2. Rolex

IKEA was the very first company to use this technology in their marketing. IKEA is a brand of furniture and it offers its customers to have complete information on their desired article through a mobile app that uses AR. All you have to do is to open the camera of your cellular device and put that digitally programmed article to your desired place and you can see a realistic view of your article at that place.

Rolex is an all-time favorite watches company. Rolex now offers its customers to see if their selected watch would suit their wrist or not. Open up your camera of the cellular device towards your wrist and you will see your watch on your wrist, you can adjust its size according to need and order it directly with satisfaction.

Future of AR Marketing

AR marketing gives a sense of completion and satisfaction to customers. It is noted that marketing using this technology is more successful and the rate of convincing people for their brands is also far better than traditional marketing.

In this fast era of science and technology, people are more inspired by technical work than that of traditional work. Suppose a person takes a bundle of business cards from different clients, he will give a deep sight to a card which gives him more detailed information using QR Codes.

Conclusively, one who will update their systems to this rising technology will grow more efficiently.

Our Contribution

Lavrock is working from the very first day to serve you. We are struggling hard to make you use of such beneficial technologies that will help you in growing your business. In near future, with the contribution of our dynamic role in this field, many brands and people will consider this technology on a serious scale.

Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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