NASA used an augmented reality dashboard for navigation of X-38. Astronaut, Scott Kelly, used this dashboard to report back to mission control from space.


AR Art Gallery

AR Art Gallery

People have always been looking towards modern technologies for innovation and comfort in their lives. AR Art Gallery is one of the major achievements of augmented reality technology.

Through this technology, artists are changing the definition of traditional art by adding more innovation to it. Every day passing is adding up more betterment in the field of art and art galleries thanks to AR.

Importance of AR in Art

Art is a creative skill for solving daily life problems. AR technology now plays a role to enhance your skill for solving daily life problems and gives you an entirely new experience.

This technology has made its market value so strong in a short time that now augmented reality is the soul of every artistic work.

According to the study, the average time a viewer visualizes an artistic work is 17 seconds. AR Art Galleries have also caught the attention of viewers more than 17 seconds i.e near about a minute.

In this manner, people are considering AR in their all artistic works to convey their message with full details and attention.

Why Should an Artist use AR?

AR is a digital overlay in the real world, whereas AR Art is a digital overlay in an artist's masterpiece. By using this technology, an artist can convey his art to people with catching their full interest and full attention.

A person who burns the midnight oil for his work deserves this kind of technology which will help him to make his road smoother for his success.

In short, if we answer the above-mentioned question its answer will be " To make impossible, possible! ". Artists are the people of every society that enlighten people's minds for creativity and the topping of AR over this is an emerging ray of creativity towards society.


Art Galleries using AR

" The Greenway " is the hub for an abundance of artistic works. In 2019, The Greenway organized an AR Art Gallery " The Auto Show ".

In this exhibition, they added something new to reality and beautified their artistic work with AR that gave them a new boost in the world of both arts and technology.

Worldwide, people visited this exhibition and they got great fame for this. In this exhibition, people came with their devices in hand and they used to scan the piece of art in front of them and get the message of artists through visuals on their screens, for example, the augmentation of rays from the art of black whole.

From a viewers perspective

When we visit a normal art gallery, we get inspired by the ideas of artists and their sense of conveying the message through their art. If you are willing to get more amazed, to get more ideas, to have a deeper view, and more information you should start visiting art galleries using augmented reality.

When a viewer scans his devices over the art, he gets more inspired by the work and the sense of conveying messages through AR. For example, an art piece of trees does not convey any important message but if we use AR over it and program the Augmented Reality such that if get scanned, shows the biodiversity in that tree.

Such a useful technology needs to be considered that will make every home to your art gallery.

Our Contribution

Lavrock has always supported the blend of art and technology. We consider the use of augmented reality in art and art galleries much important. We are working day and night for making this technology gets implemented in the field of art.

Lavrock is a trusted name in the world of modern science and technology that is eagerly willing for the development of such positive and useful technologies.


Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


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